Colourful Cara – Guest Blogger!

I’ve had my eye on Ms Colourful Cara for years now as a guest blogger… and the time has finally come! She has an amazing vintage eclectic style and epitomises the view that if you have the confidence to rock an outfit you’ll definitely pull it off. She’s a big inspiration and I love to see what persona she’s wearing each day…

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 00.13.59

Black skirt is from Episode in Camden – £3

Hat from Stables Market in Camden – £3

Shirt is from Andy Siddall who bought it in a Moorland Rd charity shop, Bath – £2.50



Socks were from a place in Barcelona – £1

Jumper is from Episode in Camden – £5

2 hours of roller disco at Bath Pavillion – £5


Keep an eye out for more from the lovely Cara….

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