Day 13 – Retro flowers luxe





Amazingly – I’ve never worn this black bodycon skirt. I bought it on eBay because it seems like a wardrobe staple that everyone should wear….. but it never jumps out at me in the morning and I end up going for the sequins or velvet. BUT now I’ve worn it today I definitely think I’m going to start wearing it more. It makes a really nice alternative to jeans as I’ve got lots of luxe tshirts like this that I wear with jeans tucked in, so it’s a good way to switch it up whilst keeping warm in Winter still! Think it could definitely work well with boots too, so I’m excited about this (very late!) discovery.


The top was from a Age UK in Broadstone and was reduced to £1 so I couldn’t resist! I wasn’t sure if it would be too grannyish but anything oversized in a silky fabric is medically irresistible to me! I’m so glad I got it as I love today’s look – a bargain success!


Finally, the necklace is from India but I see it a lot at places like Portobello and Camden so if you want one that’s the place. Anything ombre is always a hit and I liked the colour overload from this pairing.




Black bodycon skirt (New Look) – 99p – eBay

Black and floral silky luxe tee – £1 – Age UK, Broadstone, Poole

Blue ombre statement necklace – £1.50 – Indian market (Mumbai)

Black tights – 50p – Primark




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