Day 2 – Wear or Donate



The aim at the moment is to get one item a day from the ‘wear or donate’ pile into my outfit….. but today it was head to toe/ankle W.O.D! Yipeee. Small victories.


I’ve been wanting a collar for ages now, and in true Pauper style wanted to wait until they went into the sales. I got this one from New Look for just £2 but still haven’t actually gotten round to wearing it. Today was the day! It’s a little bit small and a little bit itchy, but a LOT bit adorable so I’m glad I got it.

Then the shorts are a wintery heavy fabric so I don’t often get the chance to wear them, but today I decided just to brave the cool Autumn day and go for it. Similarly, the fur gilet is tricky to wear because it’s warm but sleeveless. So today is a pretty mixed signal outfit weather wise, but seemed perfect for Autumn.


The pink lace top was featured in my Velvet and Lace post last year, but I haven’t really worn it since so I’m glad to be pulling it out of the wardrobe again now.


Today’s outfit started from the shorts but I was thrilled to be able to include a whole bunch of W.O.D items!



Outfit breakdown:

Cream fur gilet – £3.99 – eBay – also featured in my End of Lent Haul post

Baby pink lace tshirt – £1.99 – eBay – also featured in my Velvet and Lace christmas post

Pale pink strappy top – 50p – Cheshire Box charity shop, Ashely Road, Poole

Brown and cream checked shorts – £4 – eBay

Brown patent thin belt – £1 – Primark sale

Nude pointed shoes – £3.50 – Urban Renewals, Comm Ave, Boston, USA – also featured in my Cheap and Chic USA Haul post





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  1. Laura George (@lmgeorge92) October 7, 2013 / 8:14 PM

    you’re so good at bargains! can we go shopping when I’m next in the area??

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