Day 24 – Silk Bomber Jacket





I got this adorable silk baby pink bomber jacket at the Life Church Poole Clothing Sale on Tuesday and am so excited to get to wear it! It’s so cute and I love the sporty unusual bomber shape. I paired it with today’s Wear or Donate item – these high waisted mocha pink trousers. I’ve really enjoyed wearing them today but they haven’t photographed very well at all, so maybe I’ll donate them after all! Finally, the belt is brand new today from a brief Primark spree!






Baby pink silk bomber jacket – £3 – Life Church Poole community clothing sale

White tshirt – £! – Scope charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Mocha pink vintage trousers – £1 – Barnados charity shop, Ashely Road, Poole

Black ‘Peace’ belt – £1 – Primark sale

Black statement ring – 50p – Primark sale

Gold pumps – not bloggable – H&M sale





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