DIY Ankle Boots

This week I have had a brilliant tip from Heavenly Hannah! Why not follow her lead and send me some ideas of your own?Take some old knee high boots you don’t wear any more, possibly even a pair with a broken zip….

Cut the tops off and simply roll them down (in large folds rather than like a sleeping bag!). For this you may also need to cut down the seams a bit if it’s proving tight or resistant.

Then voila – fab new ankle boots. Hannah also left the zips undone for an extra slouchy look, which is why this trick would be perfect for boots with a broken zip.

I have a pair just like this which I hardly ever wear as I find knee high much trickier to match with outfits than ankle… can’t wait to be back in the UK to give this a go!

Cost of this DIY – £0!

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