DIY Personalised Advent Calendar

So every year I make my boyfriend a personalised advent calendar…. and I thought this called for a Christmas DIY post! It’s super simple and you can do something different every year. Hope you enjoy it!

Previous themes have been:

* Song lyrics – with accompanying album bought very cheaply off eBay

* Stupid puns about economics, athletics or men

* Memories or future wishes

* Things I love about him (if you’re feeling mushy!)

* And this year is challenges!

Here’s a step-by-step of how to make it…..

Make small slips to go behind each door. I tear paper but if you want to do something more fancy then go ahead! If you do it this way then one sheet of paper is enough to make all 24 slips.

Write whatever you want on each slip and fold it into quarters. If you want them to be in an order then you’ll need to make sure you match them up to the correct door. I normally don’t have an order and just keep number 24 separate as a special final one.

Then you need to get a calendar (make sure it has a foil lining by listening to the crinkle inside) and open it up at the bottom to pull out the inside plastic.

Next, cut a tiny slit into each of the squares behind the doors. You’ll want to do this on the far left side of each door as then when they open the door from the right they won’t see the slit and will still get the fun of tearing the foil open.

Then carefully slide a slip of paper behind each door through the cut. From the back you’ll be able to see that the paper is between the foil and the chocolate.

Next, seal the bottom back up with glue or selotape and add a label with your chosen title/message/theme.

And finally – give it to your excited loved one!

And of course – if you made one, I’d love to hear/blog about it so comment under this post or email me at 

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  1. Saraniya February 20, 2013 / 11:49 PM

    This i love, shame i’ve got to wait 9 months to make one :/

    • pauperintoprincess February 20, 2013 / 11:57 PM

      Haha, yeah it is a bit of a seasonal one! But good things are worth waiting for 🙂

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