Doing Good is Easy

I was inspired on my last flight (you’ll see why as you read on) to do a post about small things we can do to put more good vibes into the world. We can’t all work for a charity, donate all our money, or even remember people’s birthdays, but we can all do small things every day to make the world a little bit better. This list began as a rant of my pet hates, but instead I decided to flip it on it’s head and use things I hate as things I can not do, and therefore make the world better. I firmly believe happiness is a choice and whenever you get an opportunity in the day to choose happiness you should take it! Some are bigger than others, but all of them will make others happier… and I guarantee you’ll be happier too!


Hope you enjoy it!

  • Hold the door – even if they’re slightly too far away to wait for
  • Pick up litter – yours, your friends, and maybe even at random
  • Forgive bad driving – only you suffer if you get angry inside your little metal box
  • Shop local – just a few swaps a week could keep someone’s business dreams alive
  • Stroke dogs (and cats if you’re into that) – they’ll give you unrequited love back
  • Don’t put your seat back – please don’t crush that poor person behind you for the next 10 hours
  • Pull faces at children – let your inner child out!
  • Take the stairs – lifts are for people with luggage, prams, or a wheelchair – don’t take their space, get the exercise instead
  • Send thank you cards – and new home, new job, new baby, or postcards! People love it.
  • Choose vegetarian – or vegan! Swap a few meals a week and you’ll be making your own small impact…. you might even get hooked.
  • Thrift – need I explain? Donate money, create jobs, save the environment, look epic – all the good things.
  • Tip buskers – assuming you don’t want to trudge through London in silence? Use it or lose it…
  • Pay it forward – just occasionally, do something nice for a stranger or that parking attendant you see every day, or a friend you’re losing touch with.

This is just a fun list of small things, but I bet if you did even one of these a day you’d be making other peoples’ days on a regular basis. When you hold the elevator for someone and they dash in full of thanks and praise don’t you feel great? Turns out you can manufacture that… and make it happen as often as you want. Welcome to the new you! Let me know how it goes!

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