FROW-ing sneak peek

This weekend Sigrid (our DIY co-expert) invited me to a talk and preview for the costumes for the new opera – Flaggermusen – coming to the Oslo Opera House. The costumes were incredible and it made me realise how theatre is the only (except couture) way designers can really go crazy with their designs. It was fascinating to hear about all the variable factors that have to fit together to make the production work – for example the doors in the set were too narrow for some of the dresses to fit through so all had to be redesigned!


This dress is supposed to look like a bell and was made of amazing lime green chiffon individual panels, and little pearl pins.



Yep – it’s made of rubber gloves! Can’t believe how effectively they double as ruffles. Another interesting fact – they have to keep re-making this dress because the rubber goes stiff after only a short while – the traumas of art!


Giant egg skirt – why not? And the bodice had amazing gold beading embellishment. Just a shame they can’t sit down… but hey, that’s fashion.



And a sneaky shot of my fellow FROWers…I could get used to this!





And finally a few images from the Opera House website so you can see how it all turns out.

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