Gold Rainbow


Simple bracelets and necklaces are great for DIYing.

This bracelet is very inspired by a few blogs that i read, and when i bought the string on Ebay months ago, my intention was to use it for something like this.

I started out with a (tacky) gold chain bracelet from the BIK BOK sales (£5 for 2).


Two bracelets, one cool and one tacky, £5 BIK BOK


This is the one i used

I used this neon rainbow coloured string that i bought on Ebay in November (£0.80 i think)


It’s all very simple. Take three long pieces of string (about 60 cm). Tie them to the end of the bracelet, and start twisting them round the side of the chain, through each hole. Once you get to the end, just go back along the other side, and at the end, tie the strings together.


I usually melt the ends of the string on a candle (so they won’t fray), and quickly press them down (so they stick to the bracelet and don’t get annoying).



(yes, i have goosebumps because i live in Norway and it’s -10°C)

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