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Hello! I’m Emily (aka IG: anything_but_new), a Cardiffian and a not-so-free-and-single 25 year old Digital Media Officer Monday to Friday, and a charity shop obsessed tyrant on weekends. I say not-so-free… I’m about to sign for my first ever mortgage, all on my own (scary aahhh!) and have a boyf of 6 years.


Anyway, I digress…


I’ve always shopped in charity shops, it’s never been something I’ve thought twice about until recently. You’d happily borrow your friends clothes, so why not buy someone else’s? Now it’s become somewhat of a passion/obsession/challenge/all the above.
As I’m about to sign on the dread dotted line and see away to my life’s savings, charity shopping has meant I can fulfil my minor (*cough* major) shopping addiction whilst saving the pennies. It’s also turned me into a starter-hoarder for trinkets for my future house.
I’ve always been quite ‘thrifty’, and a natural bargain hunter so ramping up my charity shopping habits has become a bit of a personal challenge. What can I buy today? What treasures will I find? Going to work in a new outfit which cost less than my colleagues lunch.


So starting my Instagram Anything But New, kinda let out the exhibitionist in me. Displaying my wares, meeting other charity shoppers and you know what, it’s a fab community! I’ve even had a lovely Scottish lady send me one of her charity shop finds I lusted after – truly lovely.


The next level of charity-shopping-obsessedness (obviously stage one was being asked to write this blog by the lovely Louise :)) – being used as a case study on a charity’s social media! Recently approached by Age Cymru (after my incessant tagging of charities on IG!) I’m going to be doing mini features for their new Facebook page (Age Cymru Shops) which’ll be around shopping charity shopping off at its best – work outfits, going out outfits, top tips and the alike. Exciting!


Right, time it get down to business… Here are my top tips for finding gorgeous bargains in charity shops.


Don’t dismiss the sale rail!

So I’m lucky that there’s 4 areas near me with around 10 charity shops in each….. but unfortunately for my purse, there’s one just down the road from my work. And 2 shops down there have had £1 sales on… for 2 weeks! Obsessed.
Everything you see in this picture cost £1 per item and there’s names from New Look and River Island to Zara and American Apparel. All items are either from PreFab, YMCA’s charity shop on Wellfield Road in Cardiff or RSPCA, just across the way.

Fav outfit

My go-to charity shop outfit at the minute is this one – it’s so comfy and I’m still amazed I managed to get not only Topshop jeans but petite! A minor miracle.
Top by Oasis. £3.25 from Cancer Research UK in Canton, Cardiff.
Jeans by Topshop. £5 from Shaw Trust in Canton, Cardiff (bought on same day I believe!)

It’s not all about the clothes

I really do find it amazing what you can pick up in the bric-a-brac section of charity shops, the good, the great and the hideous! There’s also the shoes, the bags, the fabrics… Just fab.
Farmhouse jug. £2 from Cancer Research UK in Canton, Cardiff.
Cockerel doorstop. 75p from RSPCA in Canton, Cardiff.
Coffee, tea, sugar and tea pot set by Wilkinsons. £4 from Cancer Research UK in Canton, Cardiff.
Black suede Vans. £7 from Tenovus on Wellfield Road, Cardiff.
Mini set of draws. £2 from Tenovus in Cathays, Cardiff.

Top tip

“Think – is it in good condition? Will I actually wear it?” – Emily Cole, 2015
Emily x


You can follow Emily on Instagram here: I’d highly recommend it! And if you’d like to be featured as a guest blogger just send me your favourite thrifted outfit on [email protected]


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