Guest feature – Thrifting in Surrey

This week the fabulous Lydia got in touch to share some great charity shop bargains with us. I love hearing from you guys about things you’ve found so please do send me in some pictures!

“Hello! my name is Lydia, I am 19 and I am from Surrey. I love charity shops! Here are some things I recently found. I love supporting such great charities and I really do hope that more people start shopping at charity stores. It’s so fun when you find something great!”

“The Skirt was £2.75 from The Red Cross charity shop, It is covered in daisies and is definitely my favourite.”


“The Cami was £3 from The Red Cross charity shop”


“The tartan jacket was £5 from Scope! Amazing. Have always wanted one of these.”

“The coat with fur collar is from Cancer Research at £7, a bit more expensive, but really is still a bargain.”


What do you think? Nice to see someone with a bit of a different style to me!

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