Guest feature – Yellow silk tunic for $1!

Check out this lovely message (and awesome find!) from Elizabeth this week. Her blog is called Looks at those Clothes and is super amazing. My favourite post by her is when she explains what she loves so much about thrifting. Definitely worth a read.
“Hello, Louise.
I found your blog through Thrift Your Heart Out. How nice that you advise charity shops on how to do their work better! Some of my best finds have come from these shops. Here in New England, I find that they have some of the best clothing at very fair prices, and knowing that the purchases that give me so much pleasure are helping someone in need is quite gratifying.The piece shown in these photos came from a consignment shop, rather than a charity shop, but they do donate unsold clothing to charities and also will donate a portion of each sale to the school of the seller’s choice. Doesn’t exactly meet your rule, I know, but the price of this beautiful jacket–just one dollar–was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you and your readers. I wrote about my recent lucky find on my blog “Looks at those Clothes!”.
Thrift on!”
Yellow Silk Tunic 008
Yello Silk Tunic 006
 Yellow Silk Tunic 009
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