How to do Sport Luxe on a budget


I’ve been wanting to try the sport luxe trend for ages but it’s so hard to toe the line between high fashion and adidas chav! These trousers are a dead dupe for one of the designer runway pieces so I was thrilled to find them in Crossroads (a second hand consignment store) in San Francisco on 50% off. I decided to opt for a silk tee to keep the luxe blend and avoid looking too casual. This outfit worked really well for the variable weather we’ve been having too.

I’ve also been addicted to my new (aka someone else’s reject) leather Wayfarer bag. It didn’t have the key so was super cheap – but I’ll never need to lock it anyway so yipee. It fits an amazingly large amount so I’ve been using it as a weekend bag to visit my boyfriend in London, but it it also made a great bowling ball style bag for this sport luxe outfit.

To finish it off I wanted super opulent shoes to counteract the sporty vibe and make sure it’s not too casual. I opted for my favourite silver blingy stilettos and think the ensemble worked out really well!

budget_sport_luxe budget_sport_luxe budget_sport_luxe

Baby pink silk tee – £1.50 – Majorstuen flea market, Oslo

Blue silk tracksuit trousers – £5 – Crossroads consignment, San Franciso, USA

Leather Wayfarer weekend bag – £2.50 – CRY charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Silver embellished heels – £5 – Primark sale

budget_sport_luxe budget_sport_luxe budget_sport_luxe

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  1. Lindsey June 23, 2014 / 8:17 PM

    Proud to have been an accomplice when those pants were purchased 😉

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