Humbug trousers – Goodwill outlet, Boston!



This outfit contains one of the cheapest items I’ve bought so far. Yesterday I headed over to the Goodwill in Roxbury (on Harrison Avenue). Firstly, it was great because it was huge, so I got a whole bunch of good stuff there which I’ll show you later. But secondly, it has an outlet branch next door! I’m not gonna lie, even for me the outlet branch was kind of intense. I love a good rummage but this was just huge bins of stuff so you had to get literally elbow deep to find anything. I think I might have reached my limit! Having said that….. if you can handle it then you can get some crazy bargains. Everything in there is £1.30 ($1.75) and there were some awesome vintage things, mixed in with a LOT of junk!

Anyway, these trousers were one of the things I pulled out. They’re a bit creased but they’re lovely light fabric, and obviously bang on trend with the whole humbug/monochrome trend thing being seen on everyone from Cheryl Cole to Jessie J to Taylor Swift!








As these trousers are so intense I just paired them with a simple black strappy, and my favourite statement metallic gold belt. I am definitely tempted to pair them with colour having checked out these celebrity mixes too though…. we’ll see!






Black and white humbug trousers – ($1.75) £1.30 – Goodwill outlet, Harrison Ave, Boston, USA

Black strappy top – ($3.99) £2.50 – Goodwill Central Square, Boston, USA

Gold wide metal belt – £4.49 – Ebay (link!)




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    • pauperintoprincess June 8, 2013 / 11:58 PM

      Yeah it’s amazing! Definitely going to go again on Monday 🙂
      Great refashion – have voted!

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