Inspiration Monday – Anya Hindmarch

It’s Part 2 of Inspiration Mondays…. let’s start the week off right!

Anya Hindmarch in Elle

I’ve been reading my wonderful Elle Magazine as featured in Splurge Friday and saw a really inspiring interview with Anya Hindmarch. Here are the top 3 quotes I drew from it…

  • “If you can visualise something happening, then the chances are it will. Athlete’s use this method a lot and it has a proven success rate. Try it.” I’m applying this to my new venture Find Me Charity.
  • “Confidence and eye contact are important. Really mean what you say, be true to yourself and believe in your words. It’s about being respectful, not shouty. These are what I call the soft qualities of intelligence.”
  • My Father says “Things will come of things. You need to get out there because that gives you a thread which leads to another thread and that can lead you anywhere; the job, the husband, anything. Accept invitations, go everywhere.”

More inspiring stuff next Monday!


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