Inspiration Monday…. Bank of Dave

Who says Monday’s are rubbish? It’s the first day of your ‘best week ever’ so let’s get excited. To celebrate Mondays I’m starting an “Inspiration Monday” series. Feel free to send in your own suggestions too!

This week……. Bank Of Dave

I watched this TV show this week on 4oD and I was literally bi-polaring between balling and cheering. It’s so so inspiring as an entrepreneur. Dave is constantly pumped with energy and determination and nothing will stand in his way. Seeing his confidence to just go ahead with an idea against all odds and achieve his vison made me so excited to go out and start Find Me Charity. He’s transforming his community and helping real people with surprisingly small amounts of money (combined with a lot of enthusiasm).

I’d highly recommend watching this… and getting excited about making an impact on something you care about.


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