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Potential new series alert! I get asked a lot about which brands I recommend for swimwear, beauty, shoes, etc etc. This is a bit of minefield (and actually I’m working on a secret project with a friend that might just solve it – #watchthisspace) but in the meantime I though I’d try out a Blog Spotlight.

When Know The Origin got in touch to let me know about their new launch I knew they’d be the perfect first brand to feature. This post isn’t sponsored – I want to give shout-outs to some of the exciting ethical brands springing up in the British fashion scene.

Guess what came in the post today? Gotta love the three R’s. #repair #reuse #recycle #carelabel #knowtheorigin

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Know The Origin is a brand new launch, and a super simple concept (and one that hopefully every brand will follow one day!). They stand for effortless, stylish, and well-made clothes with a totally transparent supply chain. They call it “clothes with nothing to hide”. So, on the website you can view all their farmers, factories, employees and the full processes, as well as buy the clothes of course!

As you guys know I love me a good craaaazy pattern clash, but even I do still need some simpler pieces in my wardrobe! KTO is perfect for that and you just know the quality is going to be beautiful. Everything is organic and fair trade (#obvs) so you’re covered on all sides.

Here’s a quick message from Charlotte:

Despite seeing a lot of hardship, I was so so encouraged by the amazing fair trade and organic producers working to change things, they are going so far beyond what the certifications required of them. I wanted to set up Know The Origin to create awesome clothing, that is accessibly priced but doesn’t compromise on ethics from seed to garment

You can follow KTO on their website, Instagram and Facebook – happy shopping!

I’d love to know in the comments whether you’ve got any fashion brands you think I should highlight, or who you love! Just post them below and we can all discover some new exciting companies together 🙂

Love, as always, Louise


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