Lent Challenge…. my first temptation

So far (by which I mean less than a week) I’ve been coping really well with my Lent Fasting (shopping!!), even though I’ve had a few moments where I’ve been reading a blog and thought “I’ll just see if I can find that on eBay”.

But today I am already caving… I’ve discovered the blog ‘Primer and the Princess‘ and she reviewed the new Barry M polishes. I should’ve known Barry M would be my downfall as you all know how much I love their products.

I’m dying for these two new ones….

Barry M Texture Nail Polish in Ridley Road

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Lychee

But, mainly because I’ve declared my commitment to the world of The Internet, I shall restrain… they had just better not be limited edition! At least I have about a million other nail polished to be getting along with for now.


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