Lent is almost over….

Hello lovely followers!

As you may know I took on the challenge this year of giving up shopping for Lent – find out more about it here! So far I’ve survived (although it has certainly not been easy…)


I’ve decided what to do with the money I’ve saved and will let you all know closer to the time…


But in the meantime – this week I went to Cribbs Causeway shopping centre in Bristol with my boyfriend for the day and DIDN’T buy anything – that is a serious victory in the face of temptation if you ask me!





It’s also probably the first time in about 10 years (no exaggeration here – I am a lifelong fan!) that I’ve had the below two occurrences….

No bids on eBay:


And a zero on my monthly bill!



Pretty proud of myself right now.


If you want to see the ‘wish list’s I’ve been posting for when I’m finished (in less than a week!) then check them out below:

* Post lent wish list – Leather

* Post lent wish list – Angora

* Post lent wish list – Midi dresses

* Post lent wish list – Barry M


Of course I’ll be posting a big ‘Haul’ post as soon as Lent is over so watch this space…. until then keep sending me your fab bargain finds and I’ll blog them as always



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