Life Hacks #2 – How to stop your rings ‘coppering’

Yay for more no-cost life hacks! Today’s magical Pintrest tip that I use ALL THE TIME……. if you buy cheap rings (as I often do from Primark or charity shops) they look expensive and fabulous, until they start to turn copper coloured. At this point you often have to just throw them away as they look cheap and worn out. Apart from all the environmental downsides of this, it’s just plain gutting when something you love doesn’t last as long as your enthusiasm for it.

So, what I always do now is coat it in clear nail varnish. This stops it turning copper and lasts for ages. After a while I sometimes top up the coat again but it seems to last a super long time so is a flawless technique as far as I’m concerned.

Would love to hear if it works for you too! Comment below with your thoughts….

nail varnish rings

Photo credit: Such Sweet Serendipity

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