My Top 10 Undiscovered Artists for 2015

Hey hey lovelies!

I haven’t done a ‘new music’ post for ages so I thought it was time for an update – here’s my top 10! I’ve tried to include a wide variation from acoustic to dance tracks. I’ll only share with you things with less than 250k views on Youtube (most have less than 50k) to make sure it’s truly fresh and undiscovered. Would love your thoughts, and tip offs on anything else you’ve found that you love!


First up, straight in with some EDM. I dare you not to dance.

Who? E.A.S.Y

Track? Coming Around Again

Vibe? Slight head banging & lots of body rolling night out

Youtube hits? (no official video yet) 72



Let’s switch it up with some love-in acoustics…

Who? Mike Dingham

Track? Lungs, and Relentless

Vibe? Half loved up acoustic guitar, half jazzy upbeats

Youtube hits? 30k, and 33k



Fancy some girl power? I got it!

Who? Eemia

Track? Time Bomb

Vibe? Sassy gal pal

Youtube hits? 307



Old school is coming back around

Who? Nizlopi (ok fair enough – they’re not new (remember the JBC song??) but this song is amazing and unknown)

Track? Start Beginning

Vibe? Hippies with cant-not-dance rhythm

Youtube hits? 197k




Who? Zak Abel

Track? These are the Days

Vibe? Soul and swagger for DAYS.

Youtube hits? 23k



Let’s head over to Nashville (via the British south coast)

Who? E-J Evans

Track? Nashville

Vibe? Upbeat romantic country (with a hint of Taylor Swift)

Youtube hits? NA, 30 plays on Soundcloud



Crank up the intensity…


Track? Glow

Vibe? The intensity of young love via twinkly notes and heavy basslines

Youtube hits? 26k



Fancy a rooftop heartbreak? You got it!

Who? Nina Smith

Track? This Love

Vibe? Soulful, upbeat heartbreak. Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) flavours.

Youtube hits? 300



Oh snap… get ready to rave

Who? MNEK (probably the best known artist in this post, but I couldn’t not include this)

Track? The Rhythm

Vibe? Taking you from pre-drinks to last orders at the club

Youtube hits? 247k



And lastly, dance your way off onto a wonderful day. Love ya <3


Track? End of the Night

Vibe? Two steppin’ in the sunshine

Youtube hits? 58k



What are you listening to right now?

Did you have a fav from this list?

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