New Favourite Brand – Missguided

It’s official – I am a Missguided convert!!


I’ve noticed recently that everything I love on eBay is made by Missguided, and a lot of bloggers who I follow wear their clothes a lot. So, thought I’d check out their website and I am in heaven! The stuff seems really high fashion, and surprisingly affordable. It’s got just the right mix of desginer, grown up, and a bit sexy for me to love love love it!


And – even better – there is masses of it going super cheap on ebay! I just went on a bidding frenzy and can’t wait to try on all my upcoming deliveries. Of course, make sure you do a search for “missguided” but also “miss guided” and “misguided” to clear up all the bargain stragglers!


Here are just a few sneak peeks of stuff I LOVE!! And the prices really are really very good compared to Topshop or ASOS, if you don’t want to wait for eBay.

missguided paupertoprincess

Printed bodycon – £23



missguided paupertoprincessMesh panel playsuit – £29

alexander_wang_mesh_panel_dress missguided paupertoprincess

Inspired by the AlexanderWang 2013 collection (estimated price – £800)

missguided paupertoprincess

Red cutout midi bodycon – £24

Let me know how you get on and if you find any bargains! I’ll be blogging my new Missguided bargain collection soon 🙂



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