OOTD – Hmong Recycled Fabric Two Piece (Thailand)


A little throwback today to one of my favourite Thailand outfits. I got this matching top and shorts set for £2 each in the Chiang Mai Night Market. The seller had them in every colour combination you could imagine and it took me forever to choose! Really happy with the green tones though – think it looks nice with blonde and doesn’t highlight my pale skin too much.





The fabric is actually called ‘hmong’ which means it’s made in the traditional tribal way from the villages of Thialand. The markets are full of bags, purses and cushions made of it, but I was really glad to find something so wearable everyday that didn’t look too costumey. It’s wonderful to wear something with a bit of history that will always remind me of my lovely time in Thailand.


The only problem with buying clothes in Asia is that they’re all TINY and you generally can’t try them on. For these shorts I used the classic ‘neck trick’ where you try wrapping the waistband round your neck and if it’s tight it’ll fit perfectly on your waist, and a bit looser is good for your hips. These shorts just about fit (with a bit of hopping around!) and I’ve been wearing them pretty much non stop.


I also added my tiny gold bedazzelled elephant necklace. I picked this up at the Chiang Mai Saturday Market for £1 and think it’s so adorable! Apparently if they have their trunk up it’s lucky, so hopefully this’ll bring me an awesome 2015.


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What do you think? Have you got any great travelling finds?

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    • pauperintoprincess April 9, 2015 / 9:14 AM

      So glad you like it. I was thrilled! But did take me at least 10 minutes to pour over all the colour choices like it was the most important decision I’d ever make 😛

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