OOTD – How to dress like Clueless (when you’re not going to a costume party)


Obviously I love Clueless (as every self respecting fashionista does), and have always been inspired by the outfits in it. Charity shops are full of nineties throwbacks so it should be easy to dress like Cher every day, but it often comes across costume-y. So, I was thrilled with this outfit as I felt super cute and preppy, but also still modern, and was definitely channeling Ms Horowitz.


I so love wearing bright colours in Winter, and always try to fight the endless jeans urge with some nice thick tights – don’t let those skirts and dresses get packed away all season!





I tried to keep the accessories quite vintage too, with this charity shop necklace, and royal purple suede clutch.






Couldn’t help but be happy all day in a flippy skirt and bright colours – loved it (plus was super warm)!




Shirt – £1.99 – Barnados charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Tweed skirt – £1.50 – Age UK charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Purple sweater – £2.75 – Lewis Manning charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole

Gold and pearl necklace – £1.50 – Lewis Manning charity shop, Wimborne, Poole

Purple handbag – £3 – Lewis Manning charity shop, Wimborne, Poole

Black tights – £1 – Primark

Black studded boots – £4 – CRY charity shop, Ashley Road, Poole




What do you think? Do you have any good Clueless style outfits?

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  1. pauperintoprincess January 11, 2015 / 8:14 PM

    Haha – i totally agree! That and Legally Blonde – never get bored of watching them 🙂

  2. ElizNash January 12, 2015 / 3:30 AM

    Totally with you on your efforts to “fight the endless jeans urge.” So many of us look so much better (neater, sleeker) in something (sometimes almost anything) else. And it’s most definitely possible to stay warm with skirts (even short ones) and thick tights. I do it all winter long in a part of the U.S. that has plenty of mornings with Jan and Feb temps below 20F, in the single digits, or even below zero–and I walk a mile each way to and from work, plus another couple of miles at noon! On the coldest days, fleece-lined tights are heavenly–and of course you need the other standard warmer-uppers–boots, extra socks, scarves, gloves, hat, warm parka or coat (keep the body core warm, hips to head, and the rest of you will usually feel just fine)–but piling on all that stuff can actually be fun–more clothes to play with!

    BTW, that color purple sets off your blue eyes beautifully.

    • pauperintoprincess January 12, 2015 / 11:36 AM

      Thanks hun! Just got some fleece lined black tights for Christmas and they’re amazing! You’re so right 😀

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