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As you may know I’ve taken on a super tough beauty challenge of only spending £50 over the next year on beauty. I’m trying to use up everything I’ve got to avoid buying new things and so thought I’d better organise what I’ve got first! Since doing this I’ve re-discovered loads of great items I’d forgotten I had, and avoided buying lots more. I’ve been experimenting much more with makeup colours now I know I’ve got stuff to use up. 


I got this cardboard chest of drawers in Cry charity shop on Ashley Road for £1. It’s pretty ugly but I’ll DIY it some point (if anyone has any suggestions they’d be very welcome!) using Pintrest.


I decided to sort them into drawers to get more of a feel for what I’ve got. I originally thought I had basically no foundation and would need to spend a big portion of my budget on replacing mine when it ran out. But once I sorted through this huge drawer of stuff I realised I had loads of foundation samples and products I’d forgotten about. 


I sorted them into:

* Foundation/concealer

* Skincare (moisturiser, face masks, cleanser etc)

* Coloured makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher)

* Body (fake tan, moisturiser, suncream)









Hannah was shocked at how large my collection was so here is a little snap of her’s – what a comparison! I am definitely looking forward to getting rid of some of mine now that I’m using it up. When I sorted these out I did bin a few things, but most of it is perfectly nice but I’d just forgotten it existed in all the jumble!

I’d highly recommend organising your beauty collection in some way or another – it’s a great money saver, speeds up your morning routine, and means you can have far more fun playing around with colours and styles!




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  1. Chloe George November 3, 2013 / 7:57 PM

    You could do a mini version of this to decorate the drawers? or just them and put pretty wrapping paper on the actual draw fronts?

    Hope that helps! You have a crazy amount of makeup- and you don’t even need it coz you’re beautiful anyways. Got me thinking though. I have a huge case of make up and stuff which I move with me from house to house and I still end up using the same 5 products all time and everything else stays in the case! xox

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