Poundland Makeup Review


I’ve been meaning to try the makeup at Poundland for a while now – of course as a super thrifty bargain hunter I’m often picking things up there, and bargain makeup is always a good idea!

However, I’m realistic that their makeup isn’t going to rival even my favourite high street brands, let alone designer ones you may be used to. But, in the name of experimentation I picked up a Translucent Powder, and a bronze Eye Shadow, and here are my thoughts…

the pressed powder – shade: translucent


I’ve been wanting to get a translucent powder for a while now as the ones I normally use are all pigmented and I wanted to try out one which didn’t affect my foundation colour, or oxidize over the day. So I was excited to pick this one up, and figured you can’t go too wrong with powders! I found this one to be fairly highly pigmented (as you can see on my swatch) but perhaps ‘translucent’ never actually means see through….? I’ll have to try some other brands before I comment I suppose!

poundland_makeup_3The coverage is nice, light and smooth, and lasts a decent amount of time – I do one or two touch ups a day, as I’m pretty paranoid about shine! It doesn’t have stunning lasting powder but it does the job, and for £1 is a steal. I’ll most likely repurchase!

the eyeshadow – shade: bronze


Everyone seems to be raving about metallics and bronze eyeshadows right now so I figured I needed to try one out! This one has a lovely shimmer to it, and is very buildable (goes on quite light, but you can quickly achieve the exact pattern in the pallet if you want). The buildable-ness (is that a word??!!) means you can use it as just a simple shimmer mixed with other shadows, or as a full bronzed look. I actually think it could work nicely as a bronzing highlighter on your cheek/brow bones too.

poundland_makeup_4I found the colour a little orange for my skin tone – but think that’s more a thing against bronze than Poundland, and I was really impressed at how pigmented this shadow was. It’s not often that you get something which looks the same colour on your face as it does in the pallet. It also didn’t seem to budge all day which is a definitely plus point!



I thought I’d also take a couple of pictures of me wearing the products as I hate just seeing swatches without knowing how they apply onto a real face!

The powder was slightly too pale for me, but as you can see, with no foundation on underneath, it gives a good matte finish and a little bit of pigmentation.

Similarly, I used just a small amount of the eyeshadow, but have since been building it to full bronze, so have just got a bit of slightly pigmented shimmer going on here.


Overall I definitely think they’re both great for the price and I’d love to try more from the Poundland makeup range. It’s a great way to experiment with different eye or lip colours without investing in a potential mistake! I’d be especially keen to try out the foundation and mascara – could be onto a real money-saver if they’re good!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations on Poundland makeup! Any products you’ve tried that you really liked I’d be keen to give them a go. And if you’d like more swatched makeup reviews just post that below too and I’ll get right on it…

have you ever bought poundland makeup? How was it??

let me know in the comments below!

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