Rock Reef Bournemouth – a very unusual Blogger Event!

Last week the fabulous Hannah (read her blog here) organised a Bournemouth Bloggers event at Rock Reef on Bournemouth Pier. Blogger events are normally a cocktail and goody bag affair but for this one we were warned to wear sports clothes and expect a surprise. Not at all nervous (not!) we met at Bournemouth Pier where Hannah revealed we were going to be doing rock climbing, a high ropes course and caving experience at the new Rock Reef indoor activity centre. I consider myself a massive chicken (including avoiding roller-coasters at all costs) so was a bit unsure… but thought I’d better just be a grown up and go for it. In the end all the staff were so lovely that we all felt really safe and managed to conquered our fears and (mostly) act like civilised brave adults. I was even the bravest on the high ropes which I did NOT expect – but the safety gear was so good I managed to be rational and ignore my natural disposition of avoiding all danger!


Of course I took a bunch of photos for you guys but if you want to see it in real life head down with some friends and get your adrenaline going!






High ropes course!





The caving experience (complete with ball pit)







‘Super’ Will giving us our safety talk




Somehow they managed to make all the different walls look friendly and fun instead of terrifying!


Me, Cheryl, Hannah, Rosie and Sarah (photo credit: Hannah) not in our usual blogger attire!

If you want to visit Rock Reef for yourself you can choose to do any combination of the High Ropes course, ‘Clip n Climb’ or caving experience and book in person or via the details on their website. Enjoy!


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    • pauperintoprincess July 8, 2014 / 4:49 PM

      Yeah it was so fun! I’d definitely recommend it if you’ve got something similar in Yorkshire.

  1. ElizNash July 6, 2014 / 10:45 PM

    Great way to have fun together; nothing like stepping out and facing a fear or two– once you’ve checked the safety equipment! Are blogger groups common in the UK?

    • pauperintoprincess July 8, 2014 / 4:49 PM

      Yeah quite common. Mostly organised by Twitter. Such fun to meet up with other bloggers for a swap shop, cocktail or corporate event – often brands will offer free experiences in exchange for blog posts (e.g. a makeup store might do free makeovers or goodie bags). You should organise one!

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