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It’s time for Part II of my new Splurge Friday feature. The last one was really popular so I’ll certainly be keeping this theme going. Feel free to comment below, or email me from my Contact page with ideas of what you think is worth spending a bit extra on.


Elle Magazine Subscription


This week I’m recommending magazine subscriptions. This one is a bit sneaky because although it costs about £30 a year per subscription, that actually works out really cheap (especially if you’re likely to buy a couple over the year at retail price anyway). In fact, this month Elle had a £25 Kurt Geiger voucher in, so it’s pretty much paid for itself already!


Elle is definitely my favourite fashion magazine, although I also have a subscription to Grazia, and I love InStyle and Vogue too. For me they have the write balance of aspirational designer wear and couture, and high street alternatives. I also normally love their cover star (they’ve recently had Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz, and Jessie J, all of whom are women I really admire).


I’d highly recommend getting some tab markers (the ones in this picture are just from Poundland) to label trends you like, or inspirations. I’m always looking for celebrities or designers featuring items similar to the stock we have at www.findmecharity.co.uk (my new charity shop) so am normally frantically labelling pages.



While I was in Norway I hadn’t started my subscription and was gutted to miss the Rosie Huntingdon Whitely issue, but I magically stumbled across a shop in Bangalore, India, that had all the back issues of every magazine ever (for £2 each!!). I was in heaven and proudly restrained myself to only buying two… the RHD issue, and the David Beckham issue – how could I resist?


What’s your favourite magazine and why?

Elle Magazine Subscription




Elle Magazine Subscription




Elle Magazine Subscription

Elle Magazine Subscription


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