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A bit of a throwback post for you guys this week!

Whenever I’m in the UK I try and go along to a swap shop. Here are some of the latest finds I picked up to inspire you to organise one of your own….

p.s. If you’d like more info on how to organise a swap shop or other things I found out check out these posts and videos too…

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What I Swapped

Swap Shop Top Tips

I love this silky black army style bomber. Definitely not something that would’ve caught my eye on a rail but love love love the cool and casual vibe! That’s the beauty of browsing things other people have chosen and loved.

I also picked up these jeans, and the shoes! Again very cool, casual, and different vibe for me. Great chance to try on a new fashion personality for size. Loving it!

Next up is a slouchy tie-dye number. Super comfy, great for travel, and another style flip around! I love the almost marbled effect…

Not quite sure how I’m gonna rock this jumpsuit yet – but you gotta try!

And back to classic Louise – glitter magpie and girly girl! This is the perfect NYE dress.

I’ll be honest with you – I took several pairs of printed trousers to swap away…. but I couldn’t resist snapping up these blue ones to bring home! Love the silk fabric and the dropped hem. Super comfy and very chic at the same time.

Finally, probably my favourite find, was this fab Cos blouse. I wouldn’t normally stretch my budget to a brand like Cos but I ADORE their aesthetic and quality – what a find! I decided to button it at the neck for a high fashion vibe and a bit of flavour!

Have you got any swap shop adventures coming up? I’d love to hear what you find! They always seem to be an absolute gold mine in my experience….

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