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Last week I was kindly invited to a blogger workshop at Tatty Devine to celebrate their new Kiss and Makeup launch. Here’s a few pictures from the evening… (p.s. I was trying out my new point and shoot camera instead of my big fancy one so please excuse the imperfect photography while I get the hang of it!!!)



The collection is so adorable – it’s a capsule collection so there’s just a few select pieces, and they’re all super cute. You can see them all in this picture –  two brooches, four necklaces, a ring in a range of lips, eyeshadow palettes, painted nails, and makeup tools. Really creative and playful. Prices range from £15 to £65.


We also got to snoop round the store (236 Brick Lane) so there were so many other fun designs too! Spoilt for choice…

You can also get custom cuts made with names, or any words you want. We got my cousin her name printed for Christmas a few years ago and she absolutely loved it.



Finally – we got put to work to get creative, and make our lipstick necklaces. I was fairly terrible at it, but just about managed! All the Tatty Devine jewellery is handmade in the UK in their workshop in Kent so it was really fun to be taught by one of the makers. Couldn’t believe how quick she was! Of course ethical, British, labour is definitely a major tick in my books!




Here’s my tidy little #flatlay work station! Follow me on Instagram for lots more lovely snaps like this one. We made a gorgeous lipstick necklace that you can’t even buy! Feeling very VIP right now…

They do the workshops as hen parties or birthdays too which is such a fun idea. We were soon high on sugar and perfectionism… and having a hilarious time.


It was so fun meeting lots of new blogger faces, and catch up with my gal Paige Joanna! If you haven’t seen our Battersea carboot sale tour video together definitely check it out.  We find some amazing bargains and even style them as a Try On Haul for you too. Of course don’t forget to subscribe either – I’m dying to reach 1000!!


Thanks for reading! Comment below with what you think of the new collection, and if you’ve got any Tatty Devine jewellery already. I’m addicted!

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