The 6 Garment Challenge

This month a new charity challenge launched that I think is well worth shouting about. People across the UK are pledging to only wear 6 garments of clothing for the next 6 weeks in aid of Labour Behind the Label. I know right – utterly insane! I can’t believe this isn’t all over my Facebook news feed, as to me that’s way more impressive and gruelling than running in a giant circle (sorry my marathon loving friends). A friend of mine, Nicole, is taking the challenge and I thought you’d find it fascinating to hear about.


Nicole is the founder of Klute&Flume, who are an ethical British fashion label who you’ll soon be seeing a lot more of on this blog over the next few weeks. They recycle vintage fabrics into modern wearable clothes for 2016, so you can image I’m super excited to feature them!

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Watch her youtube video here to find out what Nicole’s 6 items are going to be, and keep an eye out for updates on her progress. I for one can’t wait to see how it pans out. At the moment I wear about 2 outfits a day as I’ve got such a massive wardrobe I’m always switching and changing. I’ve got no idea how I’d survive on 6 items total. I feel like you might be best doing one pair of smart jeans and 3 tops to give as much variety as possible and still leave space for a coat and jumper. But honestly – I’ve got no idea where I’d start. Love that Nicole has gone for such outrageous prints rather than sticking with monochrome that’s easier to match, go girl!

Labour Behind the Label are based in Bristol, and are a charity campaigning for ethical garment worker rights and conditions across the world. If you want to increase the standard of living in garment factories and avoid tragedies like Rana Plaza reoccurring then these are your guys!

What do you think? Could you handle the Six Garment Challenge? If enough of you comment below maybe I’ll have to do it next year! Uh oh…

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  1. Charlotte February 25, 2016 / 9:58 PM

    I really admire what Nicole is doing … but I think she is crazy!! Haha

    I am the same as you and have so many clothes I will sometimes wear more than one outfit a day! I have been fascinated with minimilaist and capsule wardrobe videos but it just isnt something I could ever do!!

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