Thrift the Trends – Printed Trousers



I am so happy with these printed trousers that I picked up in Goodwill on Harrison Ave. They are a teeeeeny bit big, but I loved the print so much I just couldn’t help myself. They totally remind me of an expensive oriental china plate and I think that light blue always looks nice on blondes, especially for summer.


And…. funny moment – I went to Boston Pride 2013 today (the parade was fab – I saw someone driving a giant shoe!) and what did I see but a short, chubby, old lady in the IDENTICAL trousers. I so so wish I took a photo but I was too shy. I hope she was as excited about it as I was. What was all that stuff I’m always saying about thrifting being great because you never see someone else in the same thing – guess I was wrong!? I’ve been informed that if you get something from Ann Taylor then that’s what you can expect, but I still love them.







Blue and white printed ankle grazer trousers – ($4.99) £3.50 – Goodwill, Harrison Ave, Boston, USA

Cream chiffon vest top – £1.49 – eBay

Peacock blue nail polish – £2.99 – Seventeen, Boots







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