Thrifting Haul – Wetsuits?

As you may know the fabulous Hannah has recently joined me to work full time on our fashion start up Find Me Charity (facebook ‘likes’ much appreciated!!) She’s got an amazing business head, but we’re still working on the fashion knowledge. Of course we go thrifting all the time on Ashley Road, and so far all she’s bought is two wetsuits….. a girl’s gotta start somewhere!

However, I was forced to eat my words when Ralph Lauren showed almost all neoprene outfits at his S/S 2014 New York Fashion Week runway! Guess Hannah is more ahead of the curve than I realised…… perhaps a wetsuit->dress DIY is required next.

At £10 each they’re not technically bloggable, but are a mega bargain! Welcome to the blog Hannah, sure we’ll be seeing much more of you……






Tommy Hilfiger Women's - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014



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