Thrifting in Tallinn – Florals for the Song Festival



Last weekend I went to Tallinn to visit my boyfriend and thought I’d share with you some of the thrifted outfits I bought and wore out there. This day was the Song Festival which is an incredible patriotic event that only happens every 5 years! I’ll be doing a full ‘lifestyle’ post about all the fun activities I got up to out there, but for now here’s an Outfit Of The Day for you.





Everyone was wearing their traditional Estonian dress (which mostly came paired with a gorgeous floral headdress) so I thought it was the perfect day to bring mine out of my suitcase too. I always love this headdress as I feel so princess-y, but can sometimes find it hard to suppress the need to be sensible and just embrace the Disney vibes! But hey, while on holiday anything goes.






The dress is a gorgeous Lipsy summer piece with an orange overlay and purple petticoat showing through the floral cutouts. It was lovely and cool to wear and felt super girls and joyful.




I added my faithful bright green Celine nano copy to complete the neons mix. This bag just seems to be able to do no wrong!





Orange and purple lazer cut Lipsy dress – 3€ – Jaam Balti market, Tallinn

Lime green Celine (copy) bag – £25 – Venice market

Floral headdress – £1 – Primark

Calvin Klein sunglasses – £1 – Lewis Manning hospice charity shop (Poole)




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  1. pauperintoprincess July 10, 2014 / 8:36 PM

    You can get similar ones for £30 on eBay – and it fits a surprisingly large amount! Would definitely recommend it 😀

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