Thrifting mega haul – Bournemouth University

This weekend I met some fabulous freshers from Bournemouth University. They mentioned in passing that they liked to thrift and I was ALL OVER it! Immediately booked them in to show them the glorious charity shop sights of Ashley Road, and then counted down the hours.

As always, Ashley Road didn’t disappoint and we all got loads of amazing finds. Roxy brought her older sister (from London School of Fashion no less, so I was feeling the pressure – but good old ‘A.R.’ came through).

Here’s our day out and haul….. there’ll be plenty more outfit spin off posts from this as I get through my haul. Enjoy!

Waggy Tails

We ALWAYS start at Waggy Tails, and this trip was no exception. Roxy got us off to a flying start with this amazing black and gold vintage sweater. Jealous!!


Lewis Manning Hospice

We saw some lovely things here as always. I was in love with both these pairs of shoes (anything in metallic gold is good with me!) but neither were my size.


Lesley got an epic embroidered bag in Lewis Manning for just £2.99 – which I know if insane from looking at these with Mum in Istanbul – top end ones can cost 100s. And an amazing cheetah print scarf (99p) – this girl has a slight addiction to printed scarves I later discovered……


I got a white short sleeved sweater covered in gold beads (heaven for £1.50) and a silky waterfall blazer with blotchy turquoise print (£2.50).


Roxy was feeling pretty smug with her retro umbrella when we all got soaked later. Such a bargain – I never buy umbrellas first hand.


And Katy got a denim shirt (inspired by Lesley….?) – so great for casual layering and vintage style dressing.


And a few things we DIDN’T BUY…… a build your own sequin cat (what?!?) and a badger tea pot (yes that rolling pin is the spout).



Salvation Army

Next up, Salvation Army, where Lesley got this vintage tweed jacket (£4.50), and I snapped up a girl’s ballerina skirt (99p), red velvet trousers (£1) and a black floral pleated maxi skirt (£1.99). Happy days!



Prama Care

Things really started kicking off in the new one Prama Care store – Lesley found an epic cheetah print silk poncho dress and it was a match made in heaven. We caused quite a stir in the shop with all our screeching and excitement!

DSC_0419 DSC_0420

I also fell in love with this 3 piece set of tables, but sadly have no home of my own to put them in. One day……

Lesley also got these super heavy silver leaf earrings. They were clip on so when I spotted them I passed them up knowing they’d be super painful to wear. BUT we then came up with the idea of putting them on shirt collars – totally going to stop ignoring clip ons now! 99p very well spent I say.


And of course just one more printed scarf….


Age UK

This is a relatively new shop on Ashley Road and is beautifully fitted out, we always make sure we save time to see what they’ve got. Today we got several more great finds…. and some of the more unusual ones of the day!
We saw this stunning lace wedding dress for only £20 – insane! Hope it’s been snapped up by a lucky bride by now.



This little purse would make a fabulous present if you knew someone who liked horse racing. So adorable!


Roxy found a fab tartan cropped blazer but sadly we all had to agree it was just too too big! Some other fortunate person will be thrilled to find it though – sure it won’t hang around long!


And Hannah, as only she can, found herself a giant remote control crane for a ‘younger relative’ – I’ll believe it when I see it!



Katy was stoked with these books, which apparently cost £8 in London charity shops – long live Poole – £1 each!!



WHAT A HAUL! Two full suitcases and a lot of bulging carrier bags. Slightly damp, and a bit poorer but very happy! We love Ashley Road.

I haven’t included every item in this post as it’s already quite a long one – but it’s safe to say we had a very successful hunt. Bring on next time…..



Here are my personal purchases, not bad! Full outfit posts will be following soon….



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  1. thedomesticstoryteller September 30, 2013 / 7:51 PM

    What a great post! Hello from a new follower 🙂 I found you from AThriftyMrs and just loved your blog. Looking forward to seeing your outfit posts 🙂 xx

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