Undiscovered London charity shops – Dagenham Heathway (vlog)

dagenham heathway charity shop vlog tour




I often get asked which are the best charity shops in London, and to be honest I have no idea what the answer is! It’s such a big place and with so much variation it really depends on what you’re looking for. Whenever I try to research it I get endlessly sent by Elle Magazine, and TimeOut, to the luxury parts of town, or Camden, or the Salvation Army opposite Vogue House (9 Princes Street, London, W1B 2LQ). Whilst all of these are good spots, I prefer to rummage in £1 stores and use my ‘outside the box’ thrifting eye to uncover some gems.


dagenham heathway charity shop vlog tour




So, I tend to try and find somewhere that’s got a large density of charity shops, and is in a lower end district. This often means a bit of a long tube ride – but for me it’s well worth it! I looked at some other youtube blogs and found a video of some awesome thrifters in Dagenham Heathway.


dagenham heathway charity shop vlog tour


So off I went! I recorded my whole trip and you can see it in my YouTube video: Dagenham Heathway Thrifting Tour


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dagenham heathway charity shop vlog tour


Is there anywhere else you want me to check out? Just comment below and I’ll go there!

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