Velvet and vintage – It must be Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas! I am super excited as it means I’m back home after a long stint in Norway. However wonderful being away is, there really is no place like home, and I always appreciate it more when I’ve been abroad.


The main thing that I am noticing as different to Norway is, of course, the lack of snow… I am constantly boiling at the moment and am thrilled to not be wearing snow boots every day! To celebrate that fact, today’s blog post was entirely inspired by wearing tights! It may sound simple but that’s a huge luxury compared to thermals, trousers, and three coats – which is what I’ve been used to. And of course, as we’re so close to Christmas I just had to throw in some velvet!


I am also loving the luxe tshirt trend and am almost always in a silk, lace, glittery or sequinned tshirt at the moment paired with jeans, trousers or a maxi skirt. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of this simple, chic and effortless trend.


Not sure what I’m wearing for Christmas day yet…. but will share once it’s arranged. And New Years is promising to be a very bloggable event with several of my friends volunteering to take on the Pauper Blog challenge too! Watch this space…


Velvet and vintage

Black velvet high waisted pencil skirt – eBay (vintage) – £2.99

Baby pink lace tshirt – eBay – £1.67

Black and gold vintage belt – Goodwill (Boston) – £1

Gold nail polish – Barry M – £2.99

Tight – Primark – 50p

Black pumps – H&M – over £5

Black oversized swing coat – eBay (Papaya) – £4.98

Silver ‘Louise’ cursive necklace – made by my Granddad

Velvet and vintage

Velvet and vintage

Velvet and vintage

Velvet and vintage

Velvet and vintage

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