Why I Love American Thrifting

HOLD THE PHONE! I have discovered a new awesome youtube channel for you to spend the next week catching up on.

It’s called #thriftersanonymous and is simply two best friends filming their trips to Goodwill/Savers/Buffalo Exchange in America.

I literally LOVE them so much! Granted, the videos are all at least 30min long but it’s the first time I’ve ever watched one non stop for over 5 minutes. They have such fun, and it’s a perfect insight into why I love thrifting so much. Laughing at the awful things, the thrill of the awesome things, and the hilarity of how different something can be when you actually try it on. Pure magic.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 20.53.32

Here’s my favourite video, but they’re all wonderful (and all pretty similar):

You can also head to their blog if you don’t fancy a mammoth YouTube sesh..

Now taking applications for a hilarious thrifting bestie to do in store videos with me! Apply at paupertoprincess@gmail.com, please include best thrifting find as a bribe 😉

what’s your latest favourite youtube channel?

have you seen these guys before?

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